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The Autobahn Volvo Service Difference & Our Commitment to You

We provide personalized client care, outstanding service and do everything we can to make you feel comfortable when you bring your Volvo in for service. We appreciate you choosing us for all of your Volvo Authorized Service & Parts needs.

Autobahn Volvo Service from factory-trained and authorized mechanics makes sure your Volvo stays in great shape and retains its value. Furthermore you will benefit from excellent service quality, the expertise and experience of our service employees and the use of Original Volvo Parts at especially attractive prices.


Service Hours:

Monday – Friday



7:00 AM – 6:30 PM

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM



Autobahn BMW Oil Change

Volvo Oil Service

To ensure your engine is always in great shape our Autobahn Volvo Oil Service includes all parts and materials required such as Volvo Oil, Volvo Oil Filter and Volvo Microfilter.

The Autobahn Volvo Oil Service includes:
Expert replacement of oil filter, microfilter and engine oil
Environmentally-friendly disposal of used oil and old filters


Autobahn BMW Brake Pads Front Including Brake Pads and Sensor

Brake Pads Front Including Brake Pads and Sensor

Original Volvo Brake Pads offer excellent braking performance with high safety over a long time. Autobahn Volvo offers a detailed inspection of the braking system and the exchange of the brake pads and sensor.

This Autobahn Volvo Brake Service includes:
Expert replacement of brake pads and sensor
Detailed inspection of the braking system and cleaning of the brakes
Installation of wheels and assessment of braking power


Autobahn BMW Battery Inspections and Replacement

Volvo Battery Change

Autobahn Volvo replaces your Volvo’s old battery with an Original Volvo Battery. Service specialists register the new battery in the vehicle so you can rest assured that all battery-dependent comfort functions are fully restored.

This Autobahn Volvo Battery Service includes:
Expert replacement of battery
Registration of battery for unrestricted use of all comfort functions
Environmentally-friendly disposal of old battery


Autobahn BMW Brake Pads Front Including Brake Pads and Sensor

Brake Discs & Brake Pads Including Original Volvo Parts

Autobahn Volvo replaces the brake discs and brake pads with Original Volvo Brake Discs and Brake Pads, which are tailor-made for your Volvo. The perfect coordination of the various components guarantees excellent braking performance and the highest level of safety in every driving situation. And thanks to their special composition, Original Volvo Brake Discs and Brake Pads are particularly durable and resistant to wear and tear and distortion.

This Autobahn Volvo Brake Service includes:
Expert installation of new brake discs and brake pads
Detailed inspection of the braking system and cleaning of the brakes
Installation of wheels and assessment of braking power and detailed testing


Autobahn BMW Wheel and Tire Services

Wheel & Tire Services

Autobahn Volvo offers the full range of any work you could ever need for your Volvo wheels and tires. Our Factory Authorized and Trained techs and fully equipped multi-million dollar service facility ensure that all your wheel and tire work are done properly and to Volvo specifications.

Autobahn Volvo offers:

Wheel & Tire Balancing
Wheel & Tire Rotation
New Tires
Wheel & Rim Repair


Autobahn BMW Windshield Wiper Blades Including Original BMW Parts

Windshield Wiper Blades Including Original Volvo Parts

Autobahn Volvo replaces the wiper blades of your Volvo with high-quality Original Volvo Wiper Blades tailor-made for your windshield. The perfect fit and angle minimize wiper blade noises and guarantee optimum performance even at high speeds and in adverse weather conditions.

Replacement of old wiper blades with Original Volvo Wiper Blades
Clear visibility even in heavy rain and after over 300 hours of use
Environmentally-friendly disposal of old wiper blades


Loan Cars & Shuttle Service

Autobahn Volvo will provide a free loan car (by appointment only) to clients who purchase their Volvos from us. All we ask is that you schedule a loan car in advance with our service department. Body work and insurance claims are excluded from this policy. Need a ride to work or back home? We’re happy to help. We have a full-time driver who help our clients get to their destinations while having their Volvo serviced at Autobahn Volvo. Shuttle service is available to anyone who uses our service department Monday through Friday.

Customer Waiting Area

Looking for a nice place to relax, read or work while having your Volvo service work completed? We’ve gone to great lengths to provide a nice customer lounge environment for our Volvo customers. You’ll find plenty of individual, comfortable chairs throughout our accessories store and service areas along with a nice space for watching TV. If you need to get some work done we also have a separate glassed in space with 3 individual work desks enclosed in it’s own quiet room. Oh, and of course we haven’t forgot the great coffee and ample supply of snacks!

Volvo Loan Cars for Sale

Our service loan car fleet is constantly changing. Retired Service Loan cars offer a great value on recent year model Volvos. Click here to view some of our Retired Service Loan Cars currently offered for sale at great prices with nice savings!

Save on Genuine Volvo Parts and Service with the Autobahn Volvo Savings Card

Autobahn Volvo Savings Card

Save 15% off Service, Parts & Accessories. In addition to saving every time you use your card, Savings Card Members also receive special bonus offers.

Present your card to any service or parts consultant before your purchase or repair order write-up and we will deduct 15% off all your purchases. All savings will be deducted from the balance of your card. You may use your card as often as you like until your savings reach $1,000.00 or your card expires.


Autobahn Volvo is Located at 2910 White Settlement Road, Fort Worth, TX 76107

If you are in or around the Fort Worth / Dallas area, please visit our Volvo showroom at the intersection of University Drive and White Settlement Road. We’re just one mile west of downtown Fort Worth, right in between downtown and the museum district just north a few blocks from the 7th Street area.

Autobahn Volvo, a family-owned Volvo Dealership, offers a great purchase and ownership atmosphere for clients in Fort Worth and the many surrounding areas in Tarrant, Dallas and Denton counties. Due to the great service and our employees friendly personalities, our clients also drive to us from Dallas, Plano, Richardson, Denton, Austin, Abilene and many other cities throughout Texas. Thank you for considering us to be your Authorized Volvo Dealer!

PLEASE NOTE that the Henderson Street (199) and White Settlement Road intersection in northwest downtown Fort Worth will be closed until Spring 2018. Click here for more details and alternate routes from downtown.